Connectable Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

Connectable Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

Many of our LED Motifs are connectable

For outdoor use

We love to improve out Christmas Lights and following customer demands our LED Motifs produced in 2021 or later are now connectable. All Motifs also have a detachable power cord, if our standard length does not fit your power supply needs.

Fewer power outlets

The fact that you have the option to connect the LED figures into a system makes it easier for you as a user. Not only is it visually better with fewer wires, but at the same time it reduces the need for access to electricity for your Christmas Lights outside.

When you set up your Christmas lights outdoors and want to connect them into a system, there are a couple of things that are important to think about:

  1. Plan in advance.
  2. Count your needs in terms of connection cables, T-connections and any extra power cord for your Outdoor Christmas lights
  3. Only use products from Santa's Light Shop online in the same lighting system.
  4. Check the technical description for each Christmas light before connecting them. Not all LED Motifs are connectable.
  5. Unfortunately, products produced in 2020 cannot be connected into asystem.
  6. Remember that when connecting LED figures we recommend a total of max 130W on the connected system.
  7. If you are connecting string lights or icicle strings, we recommend a maximum of 2,000 LED bulbs in the same system.

Be creative

Think creatively. We have many designs in many sizes. Are you using all the surfaces on your wall? Let loose and have fun.
In addition to LED figures, we also have String lights, Net lights and Icicle strings which also connect. We recommend a maximum of 2000 LED bulbs on the same system when it comes to these products.

With these simple bullet point, we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and an easier assembly. Christmas lighting outside helps to spread joy and warmth. We cheer you on!

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