Easy decoration tips for Outdoor Christmas String Lights

Easy decoration tips for Outdoor Christmas String Lights

Use your garden​

Get ready with outdoor Christmas lighting. Your trees are perfect objects to decorate, but how do you actually go about getting them as nice as possible? Keep it simple!

There are of course several ways to decorate a tree with Christmas lights outdoors and the shape of the tree can be the most decisive in how you decorate it. But a common method is simply to wrap the string of lights around the trunk and the thickest branches. You then recreate the shape of the tree and this looks very nice when lit up.

3 useful tips

1. A tree that looks nice in the summer also looks nice in the winter. Decorate it with string lights! Choose most magnificent tree if you have several to choose from. It doesn't have to be very big to be nice. Fruit trees often look nice draped with Christmas lights.

2. Start with the trunk and set the string lights evenly spaced. Then continue with the branches. You decide yourself how many branches and how far out on the branch you want Christmas lights, but remember that if you really want to illuminate the shape of the tree, you have to activate more branches and decorate further than you think. You may often think that only the thickest branches are worthy of Christmas lights, but then you will find that you are unable to recreate the shape of the tree in the right way. It can still be elegant with only the thickest branches, but if you want to do it like the pros, you have to go all-in and go all out.

3. Use Outdoor String Light that can be connected in a system. You make the job of lashing the string lights much easier if you use shorter lengths that can be connected together after you have finished lashing them. 10 meter lengths at a time are a good length for this type of Christmas light work.

Good luck and remember that no matter how it turns out in the end, outdoor Christmas lighting is never wrong.

You are helping to light up Christmas!

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